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Class of 59 Thanks to Dave Freed
The Delhaas FIRE

7th Grade Delhaas Roman Holiday
Miss Mary Markely and Joseph Petrillock teachers-history and English teachers

from left, Mary Snyder, Claire Rifon, Nancy Benner
John Racagno (as Ceasar being toasted by maidens of Rome)
Irene Salvato, Leona Sitkowski, Arlene Vogel
The Trio

Nancy Benner, Kathleen Morgan and Irene Salvato

Believed to be - the year book staff at Ben Franklin

back row Unknown, Unknown, Pat Painter, Jane Turner, Blanche Wyke, Johanna Horn,
Judy Buhcanan, Unknown, Susan Bohannon
front row Arlene Vogel, Irene Salvato, Nancy Benner, Kay Ermolowich, Kathleen Morgan

Morning announcements

Nancy Benner, Arnie Katz, Frank McMenamin
Preparing year book at Ben Franklin

Richard Acker, Kathleen Morgan, Claire Rifon, Kay Ermolowich, Irene Salvato, Nancy Benner
Ben Franklin varsity Basketball Team

second row - Frank Furgele, teacher, Pat Adams #15, Lou Klein #14, Paul Dominick #12, Dick Stump #13, Manager-Perry Weiss
front row - Unknown #7, Frank Williams, Ralph Cahill #5, Mike Sommershoe #8, Joe Steinberg #11

Spaghetti Dinner

Mr. Furgele serving Spaghetti dinner
Teacher-John Rosser, Pat Adams (sitting), Jack Scarborough,
Mr. Fergele,
Mike Sommershoe, Ralph Cahill (sitting), Unknown (sitting)

If you can fill in some of the missing names let us know